Skin Therapies

Dermatology Clinic of Jackson offers cutting-edge skin therapies to remedy a multitude of skin conditions and restore your skin to a healthy state …

XTRAC Therapy: XTRAC Therapy uses ultraviolet light to reduce or even eliminate psoriasis symptoms without exposing any of your healthy skin. The process is pain-free and there are no dangerous health risks.

Phototherapy: Dr. Teer utilizes phototherapy with a narrow band of UVB rays that concentrates treatment on the epidermis or top layers of the skin. The procedure treats a number of skin diseases, from psoriasis and eczema to certain types of skin cancer.

Photodynamic Therapy: Photodynamic therapy combines a photosynthesizing solution with a specialized light source to eliminate actinic keratoses, which can develop into squamous cell carcinoma — a common form of skin cancer. Patients with multiple lesions from sun damage can choose this alternative to liquid nitrogen therapy to remove spots before they become cancerous.